Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Assemblywoman Connie Conway

Senator Bob Dutton

Paving the way for a better California


California is headed in the wrong direction: high unemployment, perpetual budget deficits, businesses and families leaving the Golden State.

The new district lines for the California Assembly and Senate drawn by the Citizen’s Redistricting
Commission, along with a new top-two primary system provide new opportunities for California Republicans.

It’s time for new leadership, a new beginning.

California Trailblazers are the next generation of Republican leaders in our state legislature. Individuals with fiscally conservative principles and ideas that will restore the California spirit, revive our economy, and lead to private sector job creation.

California Trailblazers is the only recruitment, training, and advisement program for California legislative candidates supported by Majority Whip Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway.

The California Trailblazers will be an organization that will contribute to Republican successes of 2014 and beyond.

Become a Trailblazer. Learn how the program helps Republican candidates build a foundation for victory in the California State Legislature.