California Trailblazers Congratulates First "Rising Star" Candidate: Dr. Matthew Lin

Aug 15, 2012

California Trailblazers Congratulates

First “Rising Star" Candidate: Dr. Matthew Lin

SACRAMENTO,CA – California Trailblazers today announced that Dr. Matthew
Lin (AD-49) is the first enrollee to earn “Rising Star” status, the second of three levels of the program. Lin has met specific fundraising and organizational goals designed forhis campaign.

Dr. Mathew Lin, Assembly District 49, is an orthopedic surgeon and was the first Asian American elected to the San Marino City Council, serving as Mayor in 2003, 2006, and 2007. Lin has served on the boards of the San Marino Schools Foundation, San Marino Community Church Foundation, San Francisco Theological Seminary, United Way, Pasadena Symphony, Pacific Asia Museum, and The Taiwan Center. He founded the Pacific Orthopedic Medical Center, co-founded the Pacific Independent Physician Association, and formed the AHMC Cancer Center in Monterey Park to provide early diagnosis and treatment for patients with cancer. Lin is an active member of the Los Angeles County Medical Reserve Corps, which prepares for Los Angeles County disaster relief, and has led international relief efforts to Taiwan, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Malawi, Mexico, Africa, China, and Haiti.

“Matthew has been the program’s best example of how to meet the rigorous goals we set for our candidates,” said Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway. “He is running an aggressive campaign in an area traditionally won by Democrats, showing that Republicans are on the offense,even in tough districts.”

Last week Trailblazers announced the latest enrollees to advance to “Pathfinder”as Bill
, Assembly District 61, Craig Huey, Assembly District 66, and Peter Tateishi, Assembly District 8, joined Frank Bigelow, Assembly District 5 in earning that designation.

The mission of California Trailblazers is to recruit, train and advise a new generation of fiscally conservative leaders to win legislative seats in 2012and beyond. California Trailblazers is modeled after the National Republican Congressional Committee’s successful Young Guns program.

Similar to the Young Guns program, once candidates meet metrics specifically designed for their race, they will advance to “Pathfinder,” “Rising Star,” and ultimately “Trailblazer.” These goals will focus on campaign infrastructure,grassroots support, fundraising, and more.

The California Trailblazers Board of Directors works with advisors House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, and CEO Jessica Patterson to determine which candidates graduate to each of the three levels of the Trailblazers program.

In addition to the rigorous goals set by the three-tier framework, the California Trailblazer program provides resources of ongoing education and training for candidates to learn campaign fundamentals. Throughout the campaign cycle,the California Trailblazers program will provide ongoing education through fundraisers, coalition-building experts, media training and issue briefings give candidates the tools they need to win.