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California Trailblazers Alumni: Protecting Californians from Higher Taxes
Sep 18, 2015
Republicans Come Together to Train and Prepare for 2016
Aug 13, 2015
GOP Builds Infrastructure to Train Candidates, Keep Legislative Seats
May 28, 2015
Leading in Sacramento from Day One
Apr 14, 2015
California Trailblazers Key to GOP Success
Mar 22, 2015
GOP Electoral Strategy Making Headway
Jan 26, 2015
Meet the Candidates Who Are Renewing the Republican Party
Mar 11, 2014
California Trailblazers Helps Develop Strong, Smart Candidates
Dec 20, 2013
California Trailblazers is Training Califrornia's Next Generation of Republican Leaders
Nov 18, 2013
California Republicans Hope to Cut into Democratic Majorities in 2014
Oct 4, 2013
Trailblazers Kick Off Second Training
Aug 8, 2013
GOP Candidates Head to Campaign School for the Weekend
Apr 5, 2013
Kevin McCarthy Helps State GOP Make a Comeback
Apr 8, 2012
Kevin McCarthy's Finishing School for Republican Politicians
Apr 3, 2012
VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy, 2012 CRP Spring Convention
Mar 1, 2012
Herdt: Has the California GOP Hit Bottom?
Feb 28, 2012
An Awakening of California’s Republican Party?
Feb 28, 2012
Editorial: GOP's Possible Road Back in California
Feb 27, 2012
Winning Back the CA Legislature: It Can Be Done!
Feb 26, 2012
GOP Candidates Sign up for ‘Trailblazer’ Program
Feb 24, 2012


Press Releases

California Trailblazers Announces Assemblywoman Ling-Ling Chang Achieves 'Pathfinder' Status
Oct 6, 2015
Bonnie Garcia Promoted to 'Trailblazer' Status
Oct 28, 2014
Mario Guerra Achieves 'Trailblazer' Status
Oct 27, 2014
AD 74 Republican Candidate Keith Curry Earns Highest 'Trailblazer' Distinction
Oct 21, 2014
Two More Republican Candidates Promoted to 'Rising Star' Status
Oct 20, 2014
Republican Candidate Earns 'Pathfinder' Distinction
Oct 17, 2014
Top-Tier Republican Candidates Earn Highest 'Trailblazer' Distinction
Oct 9, 2014
California Trailblazer Announces Mario Guerra as a 'Rising Star'
Oct 7, 2014
California Trailblazers Announces Second Round of 'Rising Star' Candidates
Sep 29, 2014
'California Trailblazers' Promotes 5 Candidates to 'Pathfinder Status'
Sep 12, 2014
California Trailblazers Announces 'Rising Star' Candidates
May 8, 2014
Three Republican Candidates Announced as 'Pathfinders' as Part of the 'California Trailblazers' program
May 5, 2014
Republican Candidates Sharpen Messaging
Apr 30, 2014
California Trailblazers Announces Four 'Pathfinder' Candidates
Mar 10, 2014
New Majority Leader Appointed to California Trailblazers Board of Directors
Feb 24, 2014
Nine Republican Candidates Reach California Trailblazers 'Pathfinder' Status
Feb 19, 2014
Top Female Business Leader Joins California Trailblazers Board of Directors
Feb 14, 2014
California Trailblazers Says Republican Victory Creates Momentum for Candidates in November
Feb 13, 2014
Mike Zimmerman Appointed to California Trailblazers Board of Directors
Feb 5, 2014
California Trailblazers Trains Future Legislative Leaders at Policy Seminar
Dec 31, 2013
Future Republican Leaders Sharpen Campaign Skills in San Diego
Nov 15, 2013
California Trailblazers Announces Partnership with GROW Elect
Oct 2, 2013
Mario Rodriguez Appointed to California Trailblazers Board of Directors
Sep 18, 2013
Jeff Randle Appointed Chairman of the Board of California Trailblazers
Sep 17, 2013
California Trailblazers Host Record Number of Republican Candidates during Day-long Campaign Communications Boot Camp
Jul 30, 2013
Pathfinders Bigelow, Maienschein and Wilk Win
Nov 9, 2012
Craig Huey Completes Program, Becomes Trailblazer
Oct 25, 2012
Peter Tateishi Becomes first Candidate to Complete California Trailblazer Program
Oct 17, 2012
Bill Batey Latest Rising Star for California Trailblazers
Sep 28, 2012
Scott Wilk Becomes Pathfinder
Sep 26, 2012
California Trailblazers Announces Latest Pathfinder: Brian Maienschein
Sep 17, 2012
California Trailblazers Announces Candidates Earning Rising Star Status
Sep 13, 2012
California Trailblazers Congratulates First "Rising Star" Candidate: Dr. Matthew Lin
Aug 15, 2012
California Trailblazers Announces Three More Candidates to Earn Pathfinder Status
Aug 10, 2012
McCarthy Congratulates California Trailblazers Advancing to General Election
Jun 6, 2012
California Trailblazers Announces First Candidates to Earn Pathfinder Status
Apr 26, 2012
California Trailblazers Announces Board of Directors
Apr 23, 2012
Trailblazers Trains GOP Leaders of Tomorrow
Feb 24, 2012
California Republican Leadership Join Forces to Launch Statewide Recruitment Plan
Oct 28, 2011