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Trailblazers Program

California Trailblazers is the only program in California successfully recruiting, training and helping elect the next generation of Republican leaders to serve in the state legislature.

With the support of Assembly and Senate Republican Leaders Kristin Olsen and Bob Huff, as well as the Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, California Trailblazers is providing candidates an opportunity to develop practical campaign skills and become better candidates through firsthand practice and experience.

"We work closely with candidates and provide campaign support on everything from fundraising and communications to grassroots outreach and voter contact," California Traiblazers CEO Jessica Patterson said.

During the 2013-2014 election cycle, 61 candidates enrolled in the California Trailblazers program.  Candidates worked hard to meet the program's rigorous campaign benchmarks, therby strengthening their campaigns and ability to win.

In 2015, 10 Republicans enter the Senate and Assembly chambers with the distinction of being Trailblazers alumni.

Trailblazers Alumni


James Gallagher (AD3)          Catharine Baker (AD16)          Ling-Ling Chang (AD55)

Young Kim (AD65)                  David Hadley (AD66)              Janet Nguyen (SD34)


Marc Steinorth (AD40)            Chad Mayes (AD42)

Jeff Stone (SD28)                   Pat Bates (SD36)