About Us

California has Lost its Path

The symptoms of decline are clear. Since its statehood, California had been the glimmering Golden State, attracting the masses that sought the prosperity our state offered. However, while California used to lead the nation in growth, both of people and wealth, for the first time in our history, more Californians are now fleeing to competing states for jobs and a better quality of life.

Heavy taxes and burdensome government regulations, passed in the state legislature, have stunted our economy and led to California having the second highest unemployment in the nation.

Time for a New Direction

The next two elections cycles are vital to California’s future, for the first time in our history the Citizen's Redistricting Commission has drawn lines, which creates a unique political landscape. Now is the time for a new direction, a new path forward, and new leadership in the California Assembly and Senate.

California Trailblazers Program

The mission of the California Trailblazer Program is to identify, recruit and advise a new generation of fiscally conservative leaders to victory for California Assembly and Senate seats in 2014 and beyond.